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Dr. Sullivan Chairs GW Symposium at the ASN Conference

Dr. Kimberly Sullivan co-chaired a Gulf War Illness symposium with colleague Dr. Liang Qiang at this year’s American Society for Neurochemistry conference in Kentucky. Speakers included top researchers in the field of GW Illness; Dr. Alvin Terry, Dr. Ashok Shetty, Dr. Peter Baas, and Dr. James Cai. While we don’t have their presentations, below you […]

Preliminary Findings of Reproductive & Developmental Outcomes Among Women Veterans

Reproductive and developmental outcomes are understudied in veterans, especially among veterans of the Gulf War (GW). Results from our preliminary study demonstrate that veterans of the GW experienced reproductive and developmental outcomes at potentially high rates, and exploratory analyses suggest pesticide exposure as associated with higher odds of adverse reproductive outcomes.

Neurotoxicant Exposure in Female Gulf War Veterans

For this study, female veterans were surveyed in order to assess the rates of GWI within this specific population. The six domains of the Kansas case definition for GWI, were used to identify correlations between neurotoxicant exposures and health outcomes. Women veterans reporting exposure to oil well fires, PB pills, pesticide treatments and insect baits […]