Laura Schifman, Ph.D.

Program Manager

  • Title Program Manager
  • Office BRB 431
  • Phone 617.358.5563

Laura Schifman is a hydrologist with a research background in urban soils and urban green infrastructure with a specific interest in stormwater management and its impacts on ecological and environmental health. In her role as Program Manager for the BU URBAN Program, Laura organizes symposia and workshops, interacts with NRT trainees and sets up internship opportunities, creates and manages program resources, and is the instructor for a required BU URBAN course that accompanies the students’ internship experiences.

Prior to her position at BU, Laura was an NRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National Risk Management Research Laboratory at U.S. EPA in Cincinnati, OH. In this position she evaluated how green spaces in urban areas provide regulating ecosystem services. Laura is also the co-founder of the science communication site and is chair of the Women-Water Nexus, a group of women engineers and scientists part of ASCE-EWRI who are focused on empowering women in the water sector.

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