Mobile social media and political participation

By Fan WangDecember 6th, 2018in Blog

As Andrew Chadwick said in The Hybrid Media System, political communication is now shaped by what is best described as a hybrid media system. As the hybrid media system consists of different types of emerging and traditional media, focusing on one particular type of media may be a great choice... More

The isolating web: Do filter bubbles narrow down our mind?

By Shijin HuangDecember 6th, 2018in Blog

In today’s digital media era, people use social media so frequently in their daily life. Traditional media are declining in their gatekeeping role to determine the agenda and select which issues and viewpoints reach their audiences (Bruns, 2011). Apparently, instead of scanning news on traditional media such as newspaper and... More

Mobile internet’s effects on political participation

By Peijun YangDecember 6th, 2018in Blog

The arrival of the mobile internet era is an innovation of citizens’ participation methods in politics. In the mobile internet environment, citizen’s political participation is an extension of online political participation on the mobile internet, and it is a new form of traditional political participation in the mobile internet era. More

Is it counter-intuitive? Fact-checking and Fake News

By Han BaoDecember 3rd, 2018in Blog

Social media has become a popular source of political information for internet users. At the same time, fake news creators view the platform as conducive because of its low-cost model and ease of access. Many scholars like Hunt Allcott and Matthew Gentzkow also argued that people on social networking sites... More