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Defining and Discussing “Super Apps”

By Cathleen Cusachs What if we could open one phone app and access messages, social media feeds, food delivery, rideshare services, and even our bank? China’s WeChat, a “super app,” does all this and more. Super apps include functions across a wide spread of daily life. Alex Heath from The Verge predicts their rise is […]

Some of the iPhone 13’s Innovations

by Cathleen Cusachs Apple launched the iPhone 13 series on September 24. Though some have criticized its design as being stagnant, there are a few important innovations worth highlighting. Apple’s iPhone features often set precedents in mobile communication technology. For starters, the storage capacities have basically doubled. The minimum, once 64GB, is now 128GB. Other […]

Smartphones Becoming Fashion

By Cathleen Cusachs In recent years, people with flip phones were not typically considered very fashion-forward. But now, Samsung is trying to change that. Their Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a smartphone that folds in half, much like the mobile devices of the early 2000s. Apple has been establishing their iPhones as trendy must-haves for […]

The Mysterious Industry of Phone Location Data

By Cathleen Cusachs Do you know who has access to your phone’s location data history? The Markup investigated this question recently, identifying 47 companies that work in this space. They shed some light into the harvesting, selling, and trading industry ecosystem. “There isn’t a lot of transparency and there is a really, really complex shadowy […]

The Association Between Smartphone Addiction and Sleep

By Haiting Hu A recently published study conducted in the UK investigates the association between smartphone addiction and quality of sleep in the young adult population (aged 18 to 30). Based on this study, a CNN article provides some advice to “fight back” and improve our habits. The study analyzed the smartphone use of 1,043 […]