By Cathleen Cusachs

In recent years, people with flip phones were not typically considered very fashion-forward. But now, Samsung is trying to change that. Their Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a smartphone that folds in half, much like the mobile devices of the early 2000s.

Apple has been establishing their iPhones as trendy must-haves for years now. Consumers also already recognize external phone cases as a form of self expression. Therefore, phones as fashion accessories is not a new concept. But, Samsung is taking a risk by breaking the recent style mold. The Z Flip 3 is not the sleek, flat, rectangular boxes we are used to seeing. It is trying to differentiate itself through design.

The Verge analyzes how Samsung is marketing the new product, too. By including in their ads trends like k-pop group BTS and how the phone functions alongside fashion, Samsung hopes the Z Flip 3 is seen as stylish. Their message isn’t that the phone is convenient because it fits in clothing pockets; They’re saying the phone is fashionable because it does.

We know fashion does not always follow function. Though comfort and usability do matter, people prioritize self expression and how they feel in clothes. Could tech follow suit? Read more of The Verge’s analysis here.

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