Léa Ros

“Kamidopof” by La Femme Invisible (Léa Ros)

Léa Ros is a French writer, director, actress and puppeteer. After studying visual arts, she trained at the Claude Mathieu Actor’s School of Art and Technique. She then went on to pursue professional training as an actress and puppeteer at the Théâtre Aux Mains Nus, under the direction of Alain Recoing. Afterwards, she trained in masked acting with Matteo Destro (Mask Movement Theater -Italy). In 2005, she met Emmanuelle Lévy of the company 25 Watts who hired her as a performer in Mécanique Céleste, as a writer for Abysse Boréale, and as an outside eye for ZINZIN, then for Piez de Nose. For the company Anonima Teatro, she played in J’ai Vu Chute a Lune (masked theater) in 2009 and then in 2014, she directed “How Pantagruel Broke the Chitter∣lings at the Knees.”

In 2010, she met Luc Laporte of the Compagnie Contre Ciel and became his collaborator on stage in Avis de Messe Puppetetique, based on the writings of Antonin Artaud. In 2015, he cast her in the role of Blanquette in the adaptation of “La Chèvre de Monsieur Seguin,” entitled “Ravie” by Sandrine Roche. In 2013, for the Compagnie Ça et Là, she used both a mask and a puppet to perform in Contre-temps by Céline Gouel.

In 2017, she moved to Rouen and joined Le Safran, an artist collective. She then took the name “La Femme Invisible” and created her first solo performance “Kamidopof.”
In 2019, she became interested in new magic and trained at the CNAC with Cie 14:20. In her process, Ros likes to build a puppet and then question this character in order to unfold a universe and a singular story, rather than digging into a pre-established statement or theme. She likes to play with notions of presence, whether in the way we give life to objects, or in the schizophrenic relationships between the manipulator and the manipulated. In this representation of disorder for her lies the technical and “plastic” tools to question reality and our humanity.

More information:

Ros studied visual art and trained from 2002 to 2003 at the “Ecole d’Art et Techniques de l’Acteur ” of Claude Mathieu and in 2003/2004 at the “Théâtre aux Mains Nues” of Alain Recoing. She then met Loïc Thomas who became her partner. Together they performed one man/one women shows: “Murmure” and ” Ha Bah Bites Donc !?!” In 2004 they co- founded the troupe “La Lune à Tics” and put on a mask and puppet adaptation of “The Three Robbers” by Tomi Ungerer. In 2007, they set up “Mange et Mangés!,” based on Ros’ writings . In 2005 she joined the troupe  25 Watts, directed by Emanuelle Levy. In 2009 she participated in a research project led by Edwige Pluchard of Anonima Teatro on the larval mask, which resulted in the show “J’ai Vu Tomber la Lune.”  She worked with Matteo Destro, mask-maker and teacher a the Ecole Lecoq, at that time. In 2009, Jacopo Faravelli’s company  Anonima Teatro was specializing in puppet and street show. He gave her the task of staging Rabelais’ “How Pantagruel Broke the Chitter∣lings at the Knees.” In the summer 2014, she performed in the puppet and mask show of Celine Gouel “Contre-temps”, created in 2013 by the company Ça et Là of Rouen. In 2010, she met Luc Laporte of Contre-Ciel. She performed “Avis de Messe Marionnettique” with him (based on texts of Anthonin Artaud), in the Giboulées (Strasburg), in the Biennale of Lyon and in Charleville-Mezières. He gave her the role of Blanquette in the adaptation of “Mister Seguin’s Last Kid Goat” called “Ravie” by Sandrine Roche. The show, which is still playing, was created in 2005 in partnership with the theater Jean Arp in Clamart, La Nef Manufacture d’Utopies in Pantin and the Théâtre Mouffetard (Théâtre de la Marionnette à Paris).

Dossier for Kamidopof by La Femme Invisible