Accelerating Climate Solutions: A Science Communication Workshop – April 1, 2020

On April 1, 2020, BU URBAN partnered with Sarah Finnie Robinson, a Senior Fellow at the BU Institute of Sustainable Energy and Founding Director of the 51% Percent Project to offer a Science Communication Workshop titled, “Accelerating Climate Solutions.” Information about the event can be found here, along with the pre-workshop materials and instructions. In total, 18 graduate students participated in the workshop along with the following guests: Dr. Pam Templer, BU URBAN Program Director; Bud Ris, Boston Green Ribbon Commission, Tom Champoux, Designer; and Erica Mattison, Sustainability@BU. Evan Kuras, BU URBAN Program Manager, and Sarah Finnie Robinson, facilitated the workshop. See below for the introductory portion of the workshop.



Workshop participants divided into five teams in order to plan their communication products. We look forward to seeing them get their message out into the world and supporting them along the way!

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