Welcome 2018 BU URBAN cohort!

We welcome the 2018 cohort of NRT trainees into the BU URBAN program!

Our trainees come from 4 departments and are at various stages of their Ph.D.:

  • Departments: 1 Biology, 6 Earth & Environment, 6 Environmental Health, 1 Statistics
  • PhD stages: 5 Incoming, 4 first year, 3 second year, 1 third year, 1 fifth year

To learn more about our trainees and to keep up to date on what they have been up to, check out their profiles.

Our first cohort begins the BU URBAN traineeship this fall and we start off with a bang. On September 5th we host our Introductory Workshop, where trainees learn the mechanics of the program and take a trip to the BU Urban Laboratory. In our discussion we focus on why ambient urban and indoor CO2 concentrations are different that those measured in rural Mauna Loa, Hawaii and how this knowledge can inform environmental policy decisions.

Stay up to date with our program by following us on Twitter or check out our News and Events page.