Step 2: Build your frame

Be sure to get Tinker trained as they have access to a lot of tools that you can use in your build. The tinker lab is only open to Engineering students and it is located at 44 Cummington Mall. If you are not an engineering student, you can get signed into Tinker by someone who is. Be sure to check the training times and attend one of their sessions. The regularly host Solidworks, 3d printer and other trainings so be sure to take advantage of their resources!

Get Tinker Trained


In this section teaches you how to build and design the frame of your drone. If you are building pieces in the CNC machine be sure to complete the safety training in the first step and ask for help once you arrive at EPIC.

If you didn’t┬áhave holes in your design you will need to make them yourself at tinker or EPIC, remember to use the appropriate size for M3 screws.

Select a location for each of the components you are going to place. Remember to leave space for the receiver, the electronic speed control, motors, and the controller. Attach the propellers. In the bottom you will find a sample quadcopter built a few years back.


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Step 3: Add electrical components to the body