Step 1: Design your frame

After creating a group, the first step is to design a frame.


There are some essential parts that you need for your drone:

  • Flight controller (HolyBro Kakute F7)
  • Motors (your choice)
  • ESCs (HolyBro BHeli32 4-in-1 ESCs) – these distribute the power from the battery to the motors
  • Propellers(have to match the motors)
  • Frame (build from any material you’d like except carbon fiber as you cannot machine it at EPIC)
  • Receiver and transmitter (Taranis QX7 and X8R)


There are plenty of interesting drone configurations out there. Tri-copters, X frames and H frames are a great place to start! Do your research and get creative with how you want to design your drone. Symmetry is key to ensure flight stability.


+ shaped
+ shaped quadcopter
x shaped
X shaped quadcopter









Be sure to review your design with any of the board members in the lab. Also, try to make your design as light as you can, taking into account the electrical components will be added later. Use the pdf below for further assistance in frame design.

Frame Design

While a hand drawn sketch is acceptable by the team it is much better to have in hand a CAD drawing as well as its 2-D sketch. The materials and sketch are necessary if you plan on getting assistance using the CNC to build your frame at the Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC). You will also need to display all the dimensions of your drawing. There are many options available for creating CAD drawings that are completely free for students.

Solid Works (Windows only)

Also to find the SEK-ID please follow the instructions of collaborate BU.

AutoCAD Fusion 360 (Windows and Mac)

Please also complete the required safety training for EPIC if you wish to enter the facilities. EPIC machines only run during the weeks so be sure to check the times.


  • Look up angled motor mounts, see if you can CAD, and incorporate them into your frame design. 
  • Make an animation on the spinning propellers on your drone frame with the CAD program (Propellers have to spin the right direction with respect to the frame)


Step 2: Build your frame