First Build

Quadcopter Design

Finished Quad

Your first project is to build a quadcopter from scratch, and program it to fly. If you’re new, this page will guide you through the various steps required to build a drone and provide you with the tools to undertake future projects or work on our advanced builds.

Before beginning, new members should create or be assigned to groups of 3-4 people and get approved by the E-board. It is important to maintain contact with all the members to reach all the deadlines.

This year we will also be hosting a hackathon as well as various other events. The winner of the final competition gets to take their drone home, while the rest will be kept at the lab. The rubric for the competition will come out soon and will be available at the Step 5 page.

Step 1: Design your frame

Step 2: Build your frame

Step 3: Add electrical components to the body

Step 4: Program control

Step 5: Fly your drone