2022 – 2023 Seminar Series

Fall 2022 TPRI’s Brown Bag Seminar Series will be on Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (ET) via Zoom. To be added to the seminar mailing list as an attendee, please email tpri@bu.edu.

Fall 2022 Seminar Series Schedule:

September 14: Robin Mamrak, U Munich/LISH, “(Foreign) Innovation and the Antitrust Case Against Xerox”

September 21: Po-Hsuan Hsu, National Tsing Hua University, “Diffused Errors along Technology Spillovers: Evidence from the 510(k) Medical Device Market”

September 28: (10 a.m. ET) Bernhard Ganglmair, U Mannheim, “Mergers and the Direction of Corporate Innovation

October 5:  Tesary Lin, BU, “Choice Architecture, Privacy Valuations, and Data Market Efficiency”

October 12:  Neil Thompson, MIT, “Should firms hold more patents? A randomized control trial on the commercial value of patent protection”

October 19:  Aakash Kalyani, BU, “The Creativity Decline: Evidence from US Patents”

October 26: Carlos Carreira, U Coimbra, “The secular decline in business dynamism vs. increase in market concentration: the case of Portugal”

November 2: Simone Vannuccini, Sussex, “Robot Adoption and Innovation Activities”

November 9: Tim Simcoe, TPRI, “Research or Development? Technology Competition and Innovation Investment”

November 16: James Bessen, TPRI, “Competing on Variety”

November 30: Sean Tu, West Virginia University, “The Long CON: An Empirical Study of Pharmaceutical Continuation Practice”

December 7: Janet Freilich, Fordham, “Measuring Follow-On Innovation”

December 14: Jerry Marschke, SUNY Albany, “Worker Mobility, R&D Human Capital, and Firm Productivity”