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Making Finance Visible, a review of Brine and Poovey

Brine, Kevin R. and Mary Poovey.  Finance in America, an unfinished story.  University of Chicago Press, 2017. The authors of this book are respectively a non-academic Wall Street practitioner and a non-economist academic, but the text is nonetheless of considerable interest to economists and in particular to historians of economics since it represents an outsider […]

Cryptos Fear Credit

Proposals for monetary reform, whether mild or radical, are always and everywhere informed by some underlying theory of money.  A week ago I spent two days talking with a group of technologists and lawyers–perhaps I should say digital coders and legal coders–and pressed them on this point.  Chatham House rules prevent me from associating views […]

The Making of a Public Economist

Walter Lippman (1889-1974) is usually remembered, if at all, as a journalist and political commentator, and certainly not as an economist.  But that is exactly how we should understand him, so argues Craufurd Goodwin, in his last book Walter Lippman, Public Economist.  The reason we don’t see him as an economist is that our understanding […]