Back 2 School Featured Papers – Week 6

Dear Reader,

This week is our 6th and final week of the Back 2 School initiative. Back in August, the Atlas put out a call for term papers from Pardee School Graduate students. The goal was to provide an opportunity for students to publish term papers they may have worked on for classes taken while at the Pardee School. At the time, the Atlas team predicted we would only receive 5 or 6 papers. Instead, we have published 16 papers on a wide range of topics related to international affairs and in keeping with the Pardee School mission to “advance human progress”. Our featured authors have presented unique solutions to challenging issues via articulate scholarly works.

On behalf of the entire Pardee Atlas team, I want to thank you, the Reader, for joining us each week. Your page clicks, instagram shares, tweets, and Facebook posts about the papers and Op-Ed’s we have published has kept us motivated and determined to provide a dynamic online journal.

Our authors are Morgan Cassidy (MAIA 2022) and Farris Al-Banaa (MAIA 2022). Cassidy explores the long-lasting impacts of colonialism in Kenya and its implications in the fight to end FGM in the country. Al-Banaa examines the Rojava region in Syria and whether or not this Kurdish governed area is an island of peace in an otherwise ugly civil war.

Here are the links to this week’s papers:

Female Genital Mutilation in African Society: The Impact of Colonization on FGM in Kenya, and FGM in Kenya Today

By Morgan Cassidy

Rojava: An Island of Peace in Shark Infested Waters 

By Farris Al-Banaa

Next Wednesday we have some excellent Op-Ed’s that will be published. If you are interested in submitting an Op-Ed on a particular matter in international affairs, please check our new “Submissions” page on the website to review our guidelines.

Until next week!


Eduard J. Miska