Back 2 School Featured Papers – Week 2

Dear Reader,

After an exciting launch week, I am proud to introduce you to this week’s term papers. To all our new followers on social media, welcome to the Atlas! I hope you will also be inspired by our contributors and consider submitting your own works to be published.

Our authors this week include Sophia Coleman (MGP 2022), Mariana Cabrera (MAIA 2022), and Erik Leon (Emerging Media Studies 2021). In her paper, Coleman analyzes food security in Latin America and the role of the Inter-American Development Bank. Cabrera examines the role of peacekeepers in Haiti and their history in the country. Leon argues in favor of the United Nations and sees opportunities for the organization to grow in future years.

Here are the links to view these wonderful papers. As always, if you are inspired and seek to publish your own ideas on The Pardee Atlas, click on the “Apply” tab and fill out the submission form. The team and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

A Case for the Future of the United Nations and other International Organizations

By Erik Leon

Peacekeeping in Haiti: Successes and Failures

By Mariana Cabrera Figueroa

Food Security in Latin America and the Caribbean: the Inter-American Development Bank and Ongoing Progress

By Sophia Coleman

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Eduard J. Miska