2014-2015 E-Board

2014-2015 E-Board

Cullan Riley, Co-President

Cullan is a Bostonian, born and bred. He majored in International Relations and East Asian Studies at Tufts University. After graduation, he taught English in Japan for two-years on the JET Program at Toyama University of International Studies High School. He spent his 1L summer working as an intern for the U.S. Navy JAG Corps at the Naval Justice School (NJS) in Newport, RI. This year, he continues his work on the Naval Law Review and on a LGB Servicemember Legal Issues Course for NJS online legal education program. In his spare time, he is slowly chipping away at Times “ALL-TIME 100 Novel” list. He is up to 40 books! Contact Cullan at cullan@bu.edu.

Liliane Nguyen, Co-President

Lili hails from The OC, and is totes so-Cal. She thought it’d be fun to see what “seasons” are really like, and somehow found her way to the middle of nowhere at the University of Notre Dame where she majored in Finance and dabbled in History. Lili worked for a few years in mergers and acquisitions prior to law school. Last summer, Lili worked in-house for Fidelity Investments. Contact Lili at languyen@bu.edu.

Ravenna Neville, Vice President

Ravenna is originally from Westfield, New Jersey and graduated from Wesleyan University in 2010. There, she majored in American Studies with a dual concentration in U.S. History and Media Studies. In law school, her interests span across a variety of areas including intellectual property and corporate work. Last summer, she worked as a intern for the Cyberlaw Clinic at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society in Cambridge. Apart from relating pretty much any situation back to a Seinfeld episode, she is also a member of the Journal of Science and Technology Law. Contact Ravenna at rln@bu.edu.

Elizabeth Walls, Treasurer

Liz hails from the great republic of Texas and made the life choice to be a Longhorn, dabbling in several professions before eventually majoring in anthropology with a focus in archaeology and human evolution. She enjoyed digging in the dirt in Belize as part of an archaeological study just after graduation before moving on to a life in retail (specifically selling mattresses). As far as the law, Liz is interested in transactional work. Last summer, she worked in the new Edward Brooke Courthouse in Suffolk county assisting pro se litigants with trial court matters. She is an avid ice cream consumer and critic of the human condition. Contact Liz at ewalls@bu.edu.

Matthew Peters, Secretary

Matt is from Wisconsin, and majored in Chemistry at the University of Notre Dame. He is interested in intellectual property and corporate law. Last summer, he worked for the Honorable Jeffrey A. Conen of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court. He is a member of the International Law Journal. Contact Matt at mpeter13@bu.edu.

Silvia Stockman, Social Chair

Silvia is from Michigan, by way of Connecticut.  She was an Honors Scholar at the University of Connecticut, where she majored in Communication Sciences.  After graduating, she had a career with Verizon Wireless while earning an M.B.A. at Post University.  She spent her 1L summer finishing her masters while working as a judicial intern in the Boston Municipal Court.  This fall, she returns to BUSL to pursue the transactional concentration, while serving as the Vice President of the Mock Trial program and as a member of the Review of Banking and Financial Law.  She is also an overly-involved dog parent and has been known to spend her spare time crocheting sweaters for her dog, Mr. Sweaters. Contact Silvia at silvias@bu.edu.

Jasmine Gomez, Networking Coordinator

Jasmine was born in Chicago and, after 12 years, moved to Florida where she went to the University of Florida and received her undergraduate degree in Political Science. While in undergrad, Jasmine headed organizations such as the Union de Estudiantes Puertorriqueños Activos (UEPA) and the Hispanic Caucus of the University of Florida College Democrats. She also heavily participated in politics from the local to the national level throughout the school year and worked at GameStop to save her finances for law school. Jasmine held different internships over the summer – one with Senator Gillibrand where she worked on issues while getting leadership training on the Hill and another at the Osceola Sheriff’s Office where she conducted legal research on police conduct. Jasmine still loves politics and video games. Contact Jasmine at jgomez0528@gmail.com.