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Targets + Observation Schedule

View the list of targets and their stellar parameters.

View the regularly-updated HST observing schedule Google Sheet.


Reduced HST spectra and LCOGT photometry for 58 survey TTS and 4 monitoring TTS (TW Hya, GM Aur, RU Lup, and BP Tau) are available through ULLYSES DR5.

For a quick glance through the available data, view the plotbooks for the DR5 HST/STIS SEDsHST/COS C IV 1549Å lines, and VLT/X-Shooter SEDs. Also available is a comparison of the HST/STIS and VLT/X-Shooter observations of the Lupus and Chamaeleon targets.

Stellar parameters determined from VLT spectra by the PENELLOPE team are linked on the Team Documents page.

Fred Walter’s data page contains BVri photometry from the AAVSOnet robotic telescopes, CHIRON spectra for select targets, and links to available TESS light curves for ULLYSES targets. Contemporaneous BVri photometry for many of the targets can be found on the AAVSO data access page.

Most of the ODYSSEUS data will be uploaded to the group Zenodo page. There you can view the contemporaneous X-shooter, UVES, and ESPRESSO spectra for the Orion, Lupus, and Chamaeleon targets taken through the PENELLOPE Large Programme on the VLT.


View the STScI ULLYSES DR3 updates given by Will Fischer (.pptx) and Jo Taylor (.pptx).

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