Category: Students

Chester Jacobs

Chester completed a project that was a collaboration between the Maine Area Health Education Center Network and the Maine Department of Corrections with the aim of developing opportunities for health professions students to obtain experience within corrections medicine that will subsequently expand the public health workforce.


Arnelle Toffey

Arnelle worked as a Research Assistant at Project Weber/RENEW where the project “Racial Equity Workgroup of the RI Governor’s Treatment Taskforce” completed involved creating surveys to understand the treatment/healthcare experiences of people who use drugs or who are in recovery to understand how individual and structural racism affects their decision making. The project helped improve […]

Mariko Rooks

As Executive Director, Mariko led coaching during actual sessions, managed the 5-8 person instructor team, oversaw all scheduling and logistical details, conducted all skills and programmatic data collection and evaluation at the participant and instructor levels, and oversaw all communication with both students & families and community partner organizations. Importantly, Mariko also served as the […]

Isabelle Boutin

Isabelle’s project with Vermont Public Health Association involved advocating for policies that help promote health equity, specifically reproductive health policy. The ultimate goal was to promote gender and health equity through improved access and protected autonomy related to reproductive health.


Sweta Parikh

Sweta completed a project with Maine AHEC by collecting data to provide more information about oral health services for children in Maine so that gaps in oral health services could be analyzed and addressed.


Simone Sesse

Simone worked on a project called “Know your numbers” campaign, which is a successful method to raise awareness about major health conditions in the community. The project helped implement a larger campaign and reach more people to screen, while highlighting that there is a need for more resources and partners.

Orlando Segui

Orlando’s project produced recommendations that emerged from community members like improving patient-provider relationships with an added emphasis on cultural sensitivity, improving translation of both written and oral communications, encouraging a diversity of staff, and providing more community health workers or patient navigators to facilitate resource sharing. 

Abigail Blake

Abigail’s project with Mainely Teeth assessed the school-based oral health services offered in elementary schools in York and Cumberland counties in Maine. Conducting this assessment allowed community partners to better understand the gaps in oral health services being offered to Maine elementary school students, with the goal being to expand on and verify data collected […]


Claire Hodges

Claire’s project with Rhode Island Public Health Institute allowed her to create graphics aimed at improving health literacy and increasing knowledge of public health information and resources. Those graphics were shared as posts on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages of RIPHI and its subsidiary organizations, including Open Door Health, Nourish RI, and Food on […]

Hector Nunez

Hector’s project with Rhode Island Public Health Institute helped improve health equity by providing guidelines for quality improvement which improved clinical practice and the services offered.