Category: Students

Samuel McClean

  Health Equity Through Community Gardens NEPHTC Health Equity Intern, Sam McClean, worked  as the Community Garden Coordinator with Maine General Medical Center’s health Waterville Action Team. NEPHTC is happy to see how Sam’s work improved access to community gardens and healthy food in the Waterville, Maine region.  Sam worked with existing gardening groups, teenagers, […]

Maria Polino

Maria worked with The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts to identify vulnerable food insecure populations throughout all of Western Massachusetts. Policy barriers which affect food distribution were analyzed and explored. Maria’s findings were shared with the Coalition to End Hunger organization and helped coordinate community events. Policy barriers which affect food distribution were analyzed and […]

Laura Nelson

Laura worked with Vermont Department of Health to identify evidence based strategies for addressing 5 priority health outcomes. To accomplish this, Laura conducted literature searches and organized community meetings on emerging prevention strategies for addressing inequities in health outcomes. This Plan is intended to focus on priority populations that have experienced historical injustices and discrimination. […]

Hollie Legee-Cressman

Hollie analyzed peer-reviewed journals and collaborated with other organizations to understand the adverse childhood experiences that put someone at risk of developing a substance use disorder and the impact of early substance use on developing a substance use disorder later in life. After providing this research, the community presentation was updated to include this evidence-based […]

William Goedel

William assisted with the RIPHI Infectious Disease branch on survey and focus group administration, quantitative/qualitative data analysis, and reporting for a new marketing initiative to vulnerable populations to HIV/STI’s. Additionally, William assisted with RIPHI staff with analyzing data and summarizing findings for both academics and practitioners. The final deliverable for this position will be a […]

Susan Lemere

Susan assisted the the principle investigator at the University of Amherst in researching and planning health programs for people in rural areas who use drugs.  Susan’s efforts supported program staff with written communication and research and/or program planning about trauma informed care.

Tuhina Venkatayogi

Tuhina conducted literature reviews and developed an annotated bibliography on best practices for community engagement. Additionally, she reviewed and summarized past VDH documentation on community engagement with POC and other minorities; key informant interviews about current engagement processes, both within the Offices of Local Health and Central Office; and summarizing and documenting your findings.