PH Campaign by NEPHTC and partner R2PHTC (Columbia SPH) at APHA for reaching 3.7M Post Hurricane Maria

Meet Samantha Cinnick, Regional Coordinator of the Region 2 Public Health Training Center at the poster session at APHA on Monday, November 12, 10:30am Pacific Time.  Samantha will be sharing a poster that reflects joint work done with R2PHTC’s partner on the ground, Impactivo, to distribute a public health information campaign in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria.  At a time with no electricity and little internet access, online emergency preparedness information is of limited use.  The PHLN took online materials and got them out to citizens and community responders of Puerto Rico, via the collaboration of a wide range of helpful organizations of all types.  See the poster here, with updated data here.

The specific reach of approximately 3.7M people is shown in an updated data table.


The whole poster can be downloaded as a pdf from the above link or viewed as an image here: