Postdoctoral researchers

The Material Robotics Lab is not currently seeking postdoctoral researchers. However, exceptional candidates seeking external fellowships are welcome to contact Prof. Russo to discuss opportunities.

PhD students

Prospective PhD students should apply to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University. Please specify interest in working with Prof. Russo in your application. 

Undergraduate and Master’s students

The Material Robotics Lab is often seeking highly motivated undergraduate and Master’s students to assist with research projects. However, there are a limited number of positions available.
Please note that short term projects (single semester) are generally discouraged since there is a significant amount of training required prior to participating in one of our research programs.
Students should contact Prof. Russo for more information. Please include as much information as possible in your email (CV, transcript, reason why you would like to join the lab, etc.).
I will reach out to you if we have a research opportunity that might be a good fit with your interests/profile.