Material Robotics Lab Members

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Professor Sheila Russo

Prof. Sheila Russo is the founder and director of the Material Robotics Laboratory at Boston University, Department of Mechanical Engineering. 
She received her PhD from Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Italy in 2014.
She completed her postdoctoral training at Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in 2017.
Prof. Russo is also the co-founder and co-director of the Soft Materials Processing Core (SMPC) Lab at BU and she holds appointments in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering.

PhD students

Max McCandless – LinkedIn





Arincheyan Gerald – LinkedIn





Daniel Van Lewen – LinkedIn





Bryan Lee






Master students

Tomas Amadeo – Website






Mark Baldiswieler






Undergraduate students

Taylor Janke – LinkedIn





Ashlyn Carroll – LinkedIn





Ryan Austin – LinkedIn






Harin Lee – LinkedIn






Jonathan Ye – LinkedIn






Pooja Chainani – PhD student at Boston University, Mechanical Engineering

Mohammad Ahsan Fuzail

MeiLissa McKay – PhD student at Vanderbilt University, Mechanical Engineering

Anjali Agrawala – PhD student at Yale University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Jiayue Zhao – Master Student at MIT, Mechanical Engineering

Xinyuan Zhao – Master Student at UPenn, Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Nicholas DiFilippo (College of Engineering & Design, Johnson and Wales University)

Alexander Perry

Darwin Chiu

Jiawei Wang

Muhammad Tahir (visiting undergraduate student from McGill University, Canada)