Gastronomy Students, Faculty and Alumni to speak at 2021 Food Studies Conference

Just Food: because it is never Just Food, the 2021 Joint Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS); the Agriculture, Food & Human Values Society (AFHVS); the Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS); and the The Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN) will run from June 9 to June 15, hosted by the Culinary Institute of America and New York University.

In this most unusual time, four academic organizations engaged in food studies are hosting a virtual conference centered on the theme of Food Justice. The title, Just Food: because it is never Just Food, highlights how food is ensconced in systems of exclusion, oppression, and power. Papers, presentations and roundtables will grapple with cultural and historical entanglements of food with social justice by examining the production, distribution, and consumption of food while keeping in mind power differentials in local and global world systems. In particular, we have invited submissions that reveal and/or seek to challenge the systemic injustices of the industrial and alternative food systems that marginalize the food histories, practices, and experiences of diverse communities including Indigenous, Black, and people of color. In addition, this conference seeks to highlight the ways people use food for pleasure and autonomy. The conference hopes to make connections between diverse perspectives, to center historically marginalized voices, and to work towards building a greater understanding of how to achieve food justice on Turtle Island (North America) and globally.”

Boston University Gastronomy faculty, students and alumni will be presenting in the following conference panels:

Dana Ferrante: June 14th, 9am-10am, 6A3. Roundtable: Disabling Food Scholarship & Activism: Future Prospects at the Intersections of Food Studies and Disability Studies

Jose López Ganem: June 13th, 4:30pm- 6pm, 5E6. Workshop: Mesoamerica, race, and the reminisces of Iberian colonialism through chocolate

Laura Kitchings: June 9th, 9am-10:30am, 1A1. Panel: Cookbooks

Salma Serry: June 10th, 9am-10:30am, 2A1. Panel: (De)Coloniality of Food: Global Cases of Power and Resistance

Hannah Spiegelman & Ariana Gunderson: June 9th & June 14th, 8pm-9:30pm, 1G4 & 6G4. Workshop: Vermouth Storytelling Part 1 & 2

Ariana Gunderson: June 9th, 4:30pm-6pm, 1E3. Panel: Covid Foodways: changing urban food cultures in the coronavirus pandemic

Valerie Ryan: June 15th, 9am-10:30am, 7A3. Panel: Food Pedagogies during and after the pandemic, Part 1 of 2 (Tasting food virtually)

Esther Martin: June 12th, 4:30-6pm, 4E2. Panel: On Whose authority with Whose permission? Authorship, Power, and Privilege in Food media and Art

Kerri LaCharite:

June 9th, 9am-10:30am, 1A4. Roundtable: Staying, Going, or Zooming? The Impact of Covid-19 on Food Studies Abroad

June 10th, 11am-12:30pm, 2B1. Roundtable: Teaching Kitchens: Challenges and Lessons Learned in their Creation, Management, and Operation

June 10th, 8pm-9:30pm, 2G2. Panel: Food System Pedagogy

Katherine Hysmith: June 12th, 4:30pm-6pm, 4E2. Panel: On Whose authority with Whose permission? Authorship, Power, and Privilege in Food media and Art

Megan Elias:

June 9th, 9am-10:30am, 1A3. Roundtable: How to Get Published

June 12th, 11am-12:30pm, 4B2. Roundtable: Listening Session: How Can Food Studies Journals Promote Food Justice?

Netta Davis: June 12th, 9am-10:30am, 4A4. Roundtable: “A Decent and Just Social Order”: A Transdisciplinary Conversation on Disability and Food, Part 1 of 2.

Marie-Louise Friedland, Altamash Gaziyani, and Amy Johnson: June 13th, 8pm-9:30pm, 5G4. Workshop: The Curse of Connoisseurship: Othering of Taste in the Beverage Industry

Jared Kaufman, June 14, 9–10:30am, 6A1. Panel: Constructing Taste.

The full conference program is available for download here.

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