#Screentime then and now by Brittany Andersen

Brittany Andersen (’15), alumna of the Division of Emerging Media Studies of Boston University’s College of Communication describes the #Screentime conference and looks forward to moderating a panel in the upcoming event. Read More




What’s next for an Emerging Media Studies graduate? by Supriya Manot

As we near the end of an intensive year of learning, projects, assessments and frantic runs to catch the MBTA, let’s take a moment to breathe and reflect. Read More



Me again

The art and science of social media management by Sai Indira Priyadarshini

Is social media really all that it’s cut out to be? Is it even worth one’s time, money and mindshare? Professor Amy Shanler sheds light on the nuances of social media and network management…Read More




Networks and Networking –samanthaIn Study and In Practice by Samantha Middleton

The term “network” and has become an essential concept not only in how our society relates to technology and to each other, but also an even more important term to us in Emerging Media Studies…Read More



Virtual RealheadshotSerenaity: a new way of storytelling by Serena Bronda

In the Emerging Media Studies Program we tackle pretty much everything. Most of our discussions involve theory that apply to modern technology. Therefore, we are constantly updated..Read More





Technology & You: Where Does Emerging Media Fit Into Your Career? by Andrew Parlato

When does a job end and a career begin? It’s often hard to tell – and I’m honestly not certain which one I’m currently pursuing. The difference between a job and a career can sometimes come down to opportunity, and in the field of emerging media, there are opportunities abound. Read More



alexWait, what’s #Screentime? by Alexander Landa

This is a question we’ve gotten a few times. We get the question “What is Emerging Media Studies?” a lot more, though. Luckily, we can (mostly) answer these questions now…Read More





Discovering Emerging Media Studies by Samantha Middleton

When I first decided to pursue a Master’s in Emerging Media Studies at Boston University, I was immediately asked “Well, what is that, exactly?”And for the first few months, I recycled the same three answers:Read More