I found an article that described three scenarios in which an individual has been wrongfully imprisoned. It then described the immense mental toll it took on that individual. The first story was that of “Mr. X”. He is a middle-aged man who was wrongfully imprisoned for a short amount of time but suffered lasting trauma mentally and physically. He suffered high blood pressure before the incident, so once he was imprisoned and going through the process, his blood pressure rose exponentially causing him to be in pain. Once he was released, he continuing had nightmares and trauma from the arrest which had taken place in the middle of the night by surprise. He was also mocked socially, this led him and his family to leave their home to join a new community.¬†Although wrongful imprisonment may be a rarity, once it does occur, that law enforcement body or city should inherit the responsibility for individuals to reach adequate, if not better, standards of living than before. Providing treatment, financial settlement, or public address to clear the individual’s name who is not truly guilty would be a great start.



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  1. Very interesting post!
    I just saw a video of an event similar to this happening. It is so sad what individuals have to go through when the individuals in the system has failed miserably. It is upsetting because those that did the arrest do not get much reprimand. But the victims have a life long trauma that they have to live with.
    Great job!

  2. This is a great post!

    I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like to be wrongfully imprisoned. The pyschological toll this must place on someone is absolutely mind blowing and this blog post presents a perfect example of that. Even though it was not a long stay in prison, these negative effects will stay with this individual for the rest of his life. It’s great to try and get people who are wrongfully convicted resources but I’m sure they can never get back to their original selves. Very nice blog post!

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