Tell Your Story: A Support Hub for Victim-Survivors and Community Members at Boston University


@TellYourStoryBU, established in October 2023, was born out of a dedication to providing a secure space for victim-survivors to share their experiences with sexual assault, harassment, and any other impactful incidents. My vision was to create a space accessible to students regardless of when, where, or by whom their experiences occurred. The primary focus remained on the victim-survivor’s well-being; I wanted an anonymous resource on campus where individuals could express themselves without pressure. These goals soon developed beyond support for victim-survivors, extending to encompass a more comprehensive approach. I wanted to offer resources, educational content, and information tailored to anyone within the Boston University community. This initiative sought to be a hub where students, faculty, staff members, and more could find valuable information on all aspects of sexual violence.

I grew up in the United Kingdom, and my inspiration for this project stemmed from Soma Sara’s creation of an anonymous submission site named ‘Everyone’s Invited‘ in June 2020. What began as a platform for testimonies has since grown into an invaluable resource, including not only testimonies but also a wealth of resources for individuals dealing with sexual assault and harassment. As a survivor who found empowerment in similar resources, I founded @TellYourStoryBU to offer that same supportive space to others.

The research process for this account is ongoing and likely to continue indefinitely. Each time I receive a new testimony, I am prompted to read, reflect, and research specific topics related to the shared experience. This allows me to curate resources and links, support hotlines, and more for the individual sharing their story and others who may have undergone similar experiences. Moreover, I aim to eventually use the information collected on sexuality, race, gender, age, and more to provide pertinent insights to SARP and BU SHS. The goal being to facilitate culturally competent and tailored support for all students.

As with anything surrounding this type of topic, there are obviously challenges that I am presented with. One of these challenges is frustration; I find myself becoming frustrated that I am not doing enough, that I could be doing more, and that the work I am trying to do will not be enough until every single individual is being helped. However, when I gave my presentation in my final MET CJ 512 class with Dr. Rousseau, a student reminded me not to try to place stress on the number of people I had helped. Instead to acknowledge that I have been able to provide a resource that is enough for someone, regardless of the number of individuals submitting testimonies or engaging with the account.

Looking ahead, there is ample room for growth and innovation. I aspire to continue creating informative infographics and providing resources through the account. With 42 followers gained and 214 accounts reached in the last two months, I hope the numbers continue to grow, reaching every corner of the Boston University community. Even if only one person finds the needed support or information, I would be content. @TellYourStoryBU has become a personal passion project, and I hope it becomes a valuable resource for individuals.

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Rousseau for her unwavering support throughout the semester. Her expertise, exceptional teaching approach, and dedication to every student in our class empowered me to undertake this initiative. It is primarily thanks to her that @TellYourStoryBU exists as a resource for the Boston University community.

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