The Neurobiology of Trauma. The Science Behind Trauma.

It is important to understand the neurobiology of trauma because it is important for people to understand how their brain effects their body. The University of Northern Colorado states that “the neurobiology of trauma–essentially the effects of trauma on the brain–is important to understand because it helps break down common misconceptions and victim-blaming about gender-based violence and it helps survivors to understand their experience and the aftermath in a new way” (University of Northern Colorado, 2022). Understanding the various ways in which trauma impacts the body allows people to victims to fully grasp their trauma, and can help guide them on their path of healing. Also understanding the ways in which the mind and body are connected may allow the victim to fully understand and comprehend their trauma. It allows them to understand why they may have acted/or not reacted the way they did in a situation. A substantial part of someone’s trauma may stem from the way they acted during the traumatic event. Often times people can become so locked into what they did or did not during that time. By understanding the neurobiology of trauma it can be a huge stepping stone in the healing process for a trauma victim. “Decades of research into the neurobiology of trauma tells us that there are three responses humans (and many mammals) have to terrifying situations: fight, flight, AND freeze” (University of Northern Colorado, 2022). Copious amounts of research in Neurobiology has lead to the progression of trauma treatment and has had a significant impact on the field of psychology and the way that professionals conduct treatment.

Neurobiology plays a powerful role in ameliorating the impact of trauma. Understanding the neurobiology of trauma debunks and breaks down the myths from the facts in terms of trauma. It dismantles the common misconceptions that are often associated with trauma. It also breaks down stigmas that are often associated with individuals that suffer from trauma. Far too often stigma, rudeness and meanness from others is due to a lack of understanding. By teaching professionals working the world about the neurobiology behind trauma, as well as people out in the world, we might be able to dismantle myths and stigmatization surround trauma. Overall, understanding the various ways in which the mind effects the body is key in trauma treatment.


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Neurobiology of TraumaInformation about how trauma impacts the brain of victims and survivors, both during and after a traumatic event.Assault Survivors Advocacy Program

University of Northern Colorado. (2022). Neurbiology of trauma: Dismantling common misconceptions and victim blaming statements about sexual violence. Retrieved Nov 16, 2022.

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