• How can I join the Curling Club? Am I eligible?

All full-time undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to join the Curling Club.

  • Where/when do we go to curl? Is there transportation provided?

We generally curl every Friday at the Broomstones Curling Club in Wayland. Transportation is provided, as we meet at the College of Fine Arts (855 Commonwealth Ave) at 3:15 PM and return at around 7:00 PM.

  • Are there any fees/dues I need to pay to join?

The first two trips you take to Broomstones are FREE–We want you to experience the game first before you make any financial commitment. If you decide you like the game and want to join after your second trip, the fee is $25 per semester.

  • Do I need to bring any equipment to play?

No. Broomstones provides brooms, sliders, grips, and all other equipment needed to curl.

  • Do I need any prior experience to play?

No. Most players that are on the current team never curled before coming to BU.

  • I’ve never curled before. Will there be any instruction on how to play?

Yes. Each week there is an instructor from Broomstones that teaches all newcomers the proper technique on how to throw the stone, how to sweep, and the basic rules and objectives of the game.

  • What are the weekly trips to Broomstones like?

There are four curling sheets at Broomstones. One is devoted to new curlers, learning the proper technique. On the other three, there are informal matches, where we play in a 5-6 end game. There are students from other universities on these trips as well, from schools such as MIT, Harvard, and Emerson. We try to mix and match experienced and newer curlers so the games aren’t lopsided. Usually new curlers are able to compete in a curling match on their first trip!

  • What should we wear to Curl?

Definitely warm clothes! Sweatshirts, hoodies, or a jacket and sweatpants are recommended to wear on the ice, as the temperature is usually around 40 degrees F. Also, please wear a pair of clean comfortable sneakers on the ice, as dirt and debris often gets left on the ice with dirty shoes.

  • Are there any tournaments I can compete in?

Yes! We usually compete in 2-3 tournaments (bonspiels) per semester, including one at Broomstones in December. Bonspiels that BU has competed in the past have been located in New York, Maine and Cape Cod. Please note that only members that have paid their dues are eligible for tournaments.

  • What can we expect if we join the Club?

To learn about a unique game with enthusiastic students, as well as a chance to socialize and meet new friends from BU and other local schools. At the weekly trips to Broomstones and even in bonspiels, the emphasis on having fun is one of the most important qualities of the game. So be prepared to learn something new and have a blast in the process!