Mission, Vision and Core Values


  • The mission of the Community Engagement (CE) team is to support community members in and around the city of Boston, researchers, and other stakeholders to equitably partner in Community Engaged Research.
  • We will accomplish this through education, capacity building, facilitation, and leadership development among all partners.


The vision of the CE team is to change the traditional culture of research. We believe that research done with communities can solve problems of health inequity thus contributing to social justice through social, institutional, and structural change.

Core Values

  • Commitment to genuine and intentional inclusion and partnership
    We believe that partnership in community engaged research and prioritization of research topics must involve and share power with marginalized and disenfranchised groups and individuals. We challenge researchers, institutions, and ourselves to develop partnerships intentionally.
  • Address Power and Inequity
    Traditional research methods have been unable to address complex health inequities. The CE team is committed to challenging researchers to address these inequities by partnering with populations that have been most marginalized.
  • Cultural Humility
    We strive to live up to the values of Cultural Humility which include a) lifelong learning & critical self-reflection, b) recognizing and challenging power imbalances, and c) institutional accountability. To learn more about cultural humility, click the following link to watch a video: Cultural Humility: People, Principles, and Practices
  • Continuous Learning
    Community Engaged Research is an iterative process, which involves continuous learning. The CE team recognizes that there are many ways to conduct inclusive research and are eager to learn other methods and co-create new ones.

Contact: Please email us at ccr@bmc.org or call 617-638-8036