Existing Networks, Groups, and Partnerships

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The Community Engagement team of the BU CTSI is committed to promoting and sustaining lasting relationships between community and academic stakeholders. Utilizing the 7 P’s framework for stakeholder engagement, the CE team and our partners continually strategize how to bring each stakeholder to the table.

Our current networks, groups, and partnerships include:

  • Boston Breast Cancer Equity Coalition:  a diverse groups of multidisciplinary stakeholders who work together to find solutions and eliminate racial disparities in breast cancer outcomes in the City of Boston.
  • Boston Public Health Commission Pink & Black: Pink and Black is a group of African American and Black breast cancer survivors in the City of Boston.
  • Boston HealthNet: an integrated care delivery network that includes 14 community health centers, Boston Medical Center, and Boston University School of Medicine.
  • Patient Advisory Group: composed of cancer patients and survivors who provide feedback on community outreach efforts to raise awareness about research and benefits to the community.
  • Center for Community Health Education Research and Service (CCHERS): a community-based organization with a mission is to engage institutions, communities, health centers, and other healthcare providers in education, research, and service partnerships to redirect health professions education, improve health care delivery, and promote health system change.
  • Health Resources in Action (HRiA): HRiA aspires to help people live healthier lives and create healthy communities through prevention, health promotion, policy and research. They provide services centered around community health improvement, capacity building, consulting, investments in health, and technical expertise.
  • Grayken Center for Addiction: The Grayken Center for Addiction at Boston Medical Center serves as the umbrella for all of BMC’s work in addiction and is a national resource for revolutionizing addiction treatment and education, replicating best practices, and providing policy, advocacy and thought leadership to the field.
  • Translating Research into Practice: TRIP is led by four Principal Investigators from the four Massachusetts CTSA hubs, partnered with the Boston Breast Cancer Equity Coalition, and 6 Boston hospitals that care for women with breast cancer.

Contact: Please email us at ccr@bmc.org or call 617-638-8036