Session 1: Identifying Your Implementation & Improvement Science Question

This session was held 10/25/17 and was the first in a 7-part series of skills building workshops hosted by the Evans Center for Implementation and Improvement Sciences. The series aims to provide an overview of the implementation and improvement sciences fields while offering skills building exercises to help you design a high-quality research study.

Session 1 learning objectives:

  • Discuss the goals of implementation science and improvement science, and be able to distinguish research questions in those fields from questions of quality improvement or other studies.
  • Distinguish between implementation science and implementation of an intervention, efficacy and effectiveness.
  • Identify quality and care gaps in current health systems delivery and challenges to increasing the use of evidence-based practices.

Click to download the presentation from session 1:  ID Your IIS Research Question_PPT

Click to download our resource guide from session 1Session Resources – Identifying Your IIS Research Question



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