Application Process

The application cycle for the 2024 CIIS Fellowship is now closed.

Who should apply? Clinician- or non-clinician scientists with a strong interest in a research career that involves Implementation and Improvement Science and a Departmental commitment to their research career development. The CIIS Fellowship is intended to serve as a bridge to a Career Development (K) Award or similar research funding.  Applicants are not currently expected to be funded researchers, but to be individuals willing to learn new research skills and pursue research as a substantial part of their career goals.

    Two groups may apply:

  • Post-doctoral fellows (either clinician [e.g., MD, DMD, DO, PharmD, NP, etc.]) or non-clinical [e.g., PhD, DrPH]) supported by a training grant (e.g., T32 or equivalent), who have a commitment to remain at BU/BMC as junior faculty after fellowship. Post-doctoral fellow applicants will participate as CIIS fellows for a 2-year duration – first year during their training, 2nd year during their first year as BU/BMC faculty.
  • Early-career Faculty (Instructor or Assistant Professor). Early-career faculty members will participate as CIIS fellows for 2 years.

What is needed for the application?

  • NIH Biosketch
  • A letter of support from Section Chief and/or Department Chair that outlines:
    1. Local need for an Implementation Scientist
    2. If applicant is a post-doctoral fellow, T32 awardee, that there is a commitment to retain applicant as faculty after fellowship (co-signed by applicant).
    3. Total proposed FTE of the applicant devoted to CIIS fellowship (at least 50%) and % FTE support that will be provided by the sponsoring Section/Department as protected research time (minimum 25% FTE).
    4. How applicant will spend non-protected time (% clinical, administrative, teaching, etc. outside of Fellowship time).
  • Budget that includes anticipated cost of salary support requested from CIIS for the Fellowship and support contributed by home Department/Section.
  • Completed CIIS Fellowship Application (released early February, 2024).

Criteria for Selection

  • Plan for career development
  • Quality of proposed implementation or improvement research project
  • Willingness to learn new methodologic skills outside of content area of interest
  • Department/Section’s commitment to and investment in the applicant’s research career development