About Us

Our Story

CIIS was launched in November 2015 to serve as a conduit to the free flow of ideas between clinicians, administrators and health services researchers in the Boston University community and beyond. CIIS aims to facilitate healthcare improvements in safety net settings by identifying and testing implementation strategies that promote the translation of evidence-based practices into routine practice. We design rigorous studies to produce research with internal and external validity.

What is Implementation Science?

Implementation science seeks to understand the process of evidence uptake into clinical practice. Did people perform the new endeavor? Why or why not?

What is Improvement Science?

Improvement science seeks to rigorously measure outcomes of efforts to improve healthcare delivery. Did the new endeavor measurably improve desirable outcomes?

Our Dual Focus on Implementation and Improvement

Combining Implementation and Improvement Sciences allows CIIS to assist in the development and rigorous evaluation of endeavors that seek to improve the quality of healthcare, particularly related to care for the underserved.

Core Objectives: 
  • Providing guidance, support and innovation to design projects that rigorously evaluate the effectiveness of efforts to implement change.
  • Identifying strategies that accelerate the adoption and promote sustainability of effective healthcare interventions, especially in safety net settings.
  • Providing implementation and improvement sciences education to faculty, trainees, and students.
Let Us Help You:
  • Identify evidence-based interventions and implementation strategies to test/use.
  • Provide guidance on theoretical framing and design of quality improvement projects and studies.
  • Develop design and/or analytic plans that generate valid results.
  • Link to external expertise and new collaborations.
  • Turn your next great idea into reality with pilot grant funding, pilot data, and writing assistance.