Alicia Fenley

Graduate Student Researcher
648 Beacon Street, Boston MA

Alicia Fenley, B.A., is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Boston University, working under the mentorship of Dr. Donna Pincus and Dr. David Langer. Alicia is involved in research that examines how the process of shared decision making can be used to further enhance treatment for youth internalizing disorders. During graduate school, she is interested in investigating novel methods of treatment delivery that utilize advances made in technology to improve treatment outcomes and widen the reach of evidence-based treatments. Her research interests also include studying parental factors that impact the treatment process and investigating how to further optimize parental involvement in treatment.

Alicia developed her interests in clinical psychology while attending Princeton University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Psychology in 2014. She continued to expand upon her interests in clinical psychology while working as a post-bac research assistant in the Youth Anxiety and Depression Clinic at Rutgers University under the mentorship of Dr. Brian Chu. While there, she contributed to various research projects and gained valuable clinical experiences. Specifically, she was involved in a retrospective bullying project that investigated the effects of bullying on treatment outcomes within a university clinic population. She also conducted an independent project that evaluated the psychometric properties of a novel bullying-specific measure. Furthermore, she was part of a dissemination study that examined clinician satisfaction with web-based workshops, and she was involved in an adherence coding project that investigated the phenomenon of sudden gains in treatment.