Selective Mutism Treatment

jamiepicThe BU Brave Bunch Program is a week-long intensive group treatment program for children ages 4-8 who have been diagnosed with selective mutism or have difficulty speaking in social or school situations with familiar and/or unfamiliar peers and adults.

Brave Bunch simulates a classroom, providing guided opportunities for these children to interact with a number of new children and adults, participate in classroom-like activities (e.g., morning meeting, circle time, show and tell, group creative projects), engage in field trips (e.g., to the library, the park), and play socializing games that promote verbal participation (“brave talking”) and spontaneous speaking. The children will have snacks and lunch together each day providing further brave talking and socializing opportunities. They will earn participation points throughout the day that will be traded in for small rewards at the BU Prize Store at the end of each day.  We anticipate having availability for 10-12 children, so that we can help guide each child toward their individually-established goals throughout the program.  Caregivers will have the opportunity to participate in training sessions, observe their children working with the trained clinicians, and receive live coaching in supporting their children’s brave talking work.

Prior to the start of the program, children will undergo a diagnostic evaluation and attend sessions with their therapist who will provide individual support during BU Brave Bunch. During these sessions, therapists will coordinate with other therapists to gradually have the children interact and become prepared for talking with their peers and other adults during the camp.


Brave Bunch is usually held in August, typically taking place from 9AM – 2PM each day. Children and their families will be asked to complete an assessment and a number of individual sessions prior to the program.


Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders
Boston University
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Please contact us for detailed fee information. A sliding scale may be available.


Email or call 617-353-9610. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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