Welcome to the Child and Adolescent Treatment and Research Programs

at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders at Boston University

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  • Welcome to Child CARD

    Our Center offers state-of-the-art treatment for children and adolescents.

  • Helping Your Child

    We aim to improve the lives of children and families through research and clinical care.

  • Overcoming Challenges

    Child CARD is dedicated to community outreach and cutting-edge service.


The Child and Adolescent Program at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders offers clinical services to young people experiencing difficulty with fears, anxiety, shyness, and other related disorders such as depression.


At this time, we are excited to offer a novel Storybook Intervention Study for 4-7 year-olds with Anxiety. Is your young child anxious or fearful? Does their anxiety ever get in the way for them or your family? They may be eligible to participate in an intervention research study completely from home. This study seeks to understand whether a storybook can teach children, and their caregivers, important information and skills for managing the child’s anxiety and avoidance. If your child is between 4-7 years old, and you are interested in learning more, please contact Laura Nelson Darling at 617-353-9610 or ljnelson@bu.edu.


The Child CARD clinic provides comprehensive evaluations and state-of-the-art cognitive-behavioral and other evidence-based treatments for children and adolescents between the ages of 3 and 17. Treatments are offered both in person and via telehealth from the comfort of your home. For more information on the conditions we treat click here. Unfortunately, due to an extremely high demand for services, we are not adding potential new clinical patients to our waitlist at this time. We anticipate re-opening our waitlist in June 2022 and encourage interested families to check back in with us then. In the meantime, you are welcome to reach out to our intake coordinator at childbu@bu.edu with questions or for referral options.


The program also regularly collaborates with schools and community-based agencies to provide clinical trainings and research-based presentations. We strive to promote the mission to disseminate evidence-based treatments to community settings by training school personnel and mental health clinicians, and by educating parents about the course of childhood anxiety disorders and evidence-based treatment options. Please contact Dr. Donna Pincus at dpincus@bu.edu if you are interested in more information about these options.