Neuropsychological Assessment

At Child CARD, a complete neuropsychological assessment involves gathering and analyzing information about various aspects of your child’s development and functioning. Our neuropsychological assessments evaluate children’s strengths and vulnerabilities in a range of domains including intellectual ability, academic achievement, language, attention, memory, executive functions, visual-motor skills, and social/emotional functioning. These assessments are typically conducted during the business day over 6-8 hours, which may be divided into several meetings depending on family and clinician preference and availability. An in-person feedback session is then held to discuss results, and written reports of results are provided. Common referral concerns include questions about academic functioning, inattention/hyperactivity symptoms, executive functioning impairments, emotional/behavioral challenges, and differential diagnoses (e.g., ADHD versus anxiety).


Please contact the CARD front desk staff at 617-353-9610 or our neuropsychological testing services coordinator at to inquire about neuropsychological assessments.