Behavioral Ecology — Social Evolution

  • Social Evolution in Clown Anemonefish
  • Strategic Growth in Social Vertebrates
  • Extraordinary Life Spans of Clown Anemonefish
  • Ecology and the Evolution of Sex-Change
  • Reproductive Skew Theory
  • Social Evolution in Emerald Gobies
  • Social Networks in Humbug Damselfish
  • Personalities in Clown Anemonefish Societies
  • Parental Negotiations in Clown Anemonefish

Population Ecology — Population Connectivity

  • Population Connectivity in Neon Gobies
  • Population Connectivity in Clown Anemonefish
  • Larval Sensory Systems and Larval Behavior
  • Larval Behavior and Population Connectivity
  • Biophysical Models and Connectivity
  • Evolution of Larval Dispersal
  • Plasticity of Larval Dispersal
  • Emergence of Spatial Genetic Structure
  • Implications for Design of Marine Reserves