Broader Impacts

Integration of Research and Education
• Developing a Flipped Course in Metapopulation Ecology
• Including Undergraduate Students in Research Activities
• Including Graduate Students in Research Activities

Broaden Participation of Underrepresented Groups
• Working on Books for Teenage Girls
• Collaborating with the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program
• Collaborating with Science Club For Girls

Enhance Infrastructure for Research and Education
• Rearing Clown Anemonefish for the Community
• Spearheading the Development of Marine Aquarium Science at BU
• Making Data Publicly Available for the Community

Dissemination to Enhance Scientific Understanding
• Publishing in Popular Science Magazines
• Scientific Meetings & Invited Seminars
• Working with the Media

Benefits to Society
• Laying Foundations for Clown Anemonefish as Medical Models
• Collaborating with Mahonia Na Dari Research and Conservation Center
• Advocating for Stepping Stones in Networks of Marine Reserves