Collaborators & Colleagues

The Buston Lab, together with an international network of collaborators, grapples with questions at the frontiers of behavioral ecology, population ecology, and evolutionary biology in the marine environment. Our collaborators, close colleagues, and visitors come from all over the world:

Suzanne Alonzo, University of California at Santa Cruz, USA
Maydianne Andrade, University of Toronto, Canada
José Andres, Cornell University, USA
Jelle Atema, Boston University, USA
Sigal Balshine, McMaster University, Canada
Jordi Bascompte, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Andrew Bass, Cornell University, USA
Mike Berumen, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Steve Bogdanowicz, Cornell University, USA
Patricia Brennan, Mount Holyoke College, USA
Mike Cant, University of Exeter, UK
Leandra Cho-Ricketts, University of Belize, Belize
Milan Curcic, University of Miami, USA
Jim Dale, Massey University, New Zealand
Sasha Dall, University of Exeter, UK
Cassidy D’Aloia, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Sarah Davies, Boston University, USA
Jane Elith, University of Melbourne, Australia
Steve Emlen, Cornell University, USA
Cecile Fauvelot, University of Perpignan, France
Marie-Josée Fortin, University of Toronto, Canada
Cristina García, University of Porto, Portugal
María García, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecologia, CSIC, Spain
Hugo Harrison, James Cook University, Australia
Richard Harrison, Cornell University, USA
Mark Hauber, University of Illinois, USA
Yinan Hu, Boston College, USA
Geoff Jones, James Cook University, Australia
Pedro Jordano, Estación Biológica de Doñana, CSIC, Spain
David Lindo, City University of New York, USA
John Majoris, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Siobhan Mattison, University of New Mexico, USA
Amy McCune, Cornell University, USA
Sean Mullen, Boston University, USA
Phil Munday, James Cook University, Australia
Claire Paris, University of Miami, USA
Valerie Paul, Smithsonian Marine Station, USA
Malin Pinsky, Rutgers University, USA
Serge Planes, University of Perpignan, France
Kern Reeve, Cornell University, USA
Enrico Rezende, Pontifical Catholic University, Chile
Dustin Rubenstein, Columbia University, USA
Andrew Russell, University of Exeter, UK
Allison Shaw, University of Minnesota, USA
Paul Sherman, Cornell University, USA
Maya Srinivasan, James Cook University, Australia
Alex Tewfik, Wildlife Conservation Society, Belize
Simon Thorrold, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
Alfredo Valido, Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología, CSIC, Spain
Ana Vaz, University of Miami, USA
Sandra Vehrencamp, Cornell University, USA
Robert Warner, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Colleen Webb, Colorado State University, USA
Jacqueline Webb, University of Rhode Island, USA
Marian Wong, Wollongong University, Australia
Andrew Zink, San Francisco State University, USA