Dissemination to Enhance Scientific Understanding

Publishing in Popular Science Magazines
In addition to publishing our research in peer reviewed scientific journals, we publish syntheses of our work in popular science magazines in both English (e.g,. Buston & Wong. 2014. Why some animals forgo reproduction in complex societies. American Scientist) and Spanish (e.g., Buston & Wong. 2016. Animales que renuncian a la reproducción. Investigación y Ciencia). Our article in American Scientist was nominated for an APEX Award for Publication Excellence. These have been some of the most fun articles to write and they enable us to engage with a much broader audience.

Scientific Meetings & Invited Seminars
We present our latest findings at national meetings, e.g., Animal Behavior Society or Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, and international meetings, e.g,. International Society for Behavioral Ecology and International Coral Reef Symposium. We also make an effort to host symposia in our areas of expertise, to bring colleagues together at these meetings. Further, we accept 2-4 seminar invitations each year; In the last year, we have spoken at OIST (Japan), LJMU (UK), KAUST (Saudi Arabia), and the University of Minnesota (USA).

Working with the Media
When we have results that are of general interest, we work with the media to ensure that our findings are disseminated as broadly as possible. Over the years our research has been featured in Australian Broadcasting Company (1), British Broadcasting Company (1), Canadian Broadcasting Company (1), CNN (1,2), Elle (1), National Geographic, National Public Radio (1), Nature (1), New Scientist (1), Science (1,2), The Guardian (1,2), The Naked Scientists (1), The New York Times (1,2), Trends in Ecology and Evolution (1), Wired (1), The National Enquirer and many more.