Tina Barbasch

PhD Student (2013 – 2020)

  • Title PhD Student
    (2013 – 2020)
  • Office 1
  • Education BA Hons, Cornell University

I graduated with a BA in Neurobiology and Behavior from Cornell University in my hometown of Ithaca, NY. As an undergraduate, I studied sperm allocation and male competition in the local spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum). After graduating in 2009, I joined the Peace Corps and spent 2 years in Morocco teaching environmental education and 6 months in Liberia teaching high school chemistry. As a graduate student in the Buston Lab, I study the environmental and social factors that influence parental care and how variation in the parental environment can influence future generations using the clownfish (Amphiprion percula) as a model system.

Lab Publications (Google Scholar Profile; CV; GitHub)

Barbasch, T. D, Rüger, T. P, Srinvasan, M., Wong, M. Y. L., Jones, G. & Buston, P. M. (2020) Substantial plasticity of reproduction and parental care in response to local resource variability in a wild population of clownfish. Oikos online.

Barbasch, T. D, Alonzo, S. & Buston, P. M. (2020) Power and punishment influence negotiations over parental care. Behavioral Ecology 31: 911-921.

Barbasch, T. A. D & Buston, P. M. (2018) Plasticity and personality of parental care in the clown anemonefish. Animal Behavior 136: 65-73.

Rueger, T. P, Barbasch, T. D, Wong, M. Y. L., Srinivasan, M., Jones, G. P. & Buston, P. M. (2018) Reproductive control via the threat of eviction in the clown anemonefish. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B 285: 20181295.

Seymour, J. M, Barbasch, T. D & Buston, P. M. (2018) Lunar cycles of reproduction in the clown anemonefish Amphiprion percula: individual level strategies and population level patterns. Marine Ecology Progress Series 594: 193-201.

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