Philip Schmiege

Class of 2014

  • Title Class of 2014

Phil is from New York City and he majored in Biology and minored in Marine Science at Boston University. He spent two and a half years in the Buston Lab, as a volunteer, as a UROP student and working toward his honors thesis. While in the lab, Phil completed a project investigating the effect of multiple factors on the strength of the anemone-anemonefish mutualism. Phil graduated from BU in May 2014 and went on to work as a research assistant in the lab of Günter Blobel at Rockefeller University.

Honors Thesis

Schmiege, P. 2014. Behavioral traits of anemonefish affect the anemone-anemonefish mutualism. 

Lab Publications

Schmiege, P. U, D’Aloia, C. C. D & Buston, P. M. (2017) Anemonefish personalities influence the strength of mutualistic interactions with host sea anemones. Marine Biology 164: 24-

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