Madison Pacaro

Class of 2020

  • Title Class of 2020

Iā€™m from Townsend, Massachusetts and a senior at BU this year, majoring in Biology and minoring in Marine Science. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved the ocean and spend almost every summer vacationing on Nantucket or Cape Cod with my family. I joined the Buston lab in the fall of 2017 and am currently conducting research on nocturnal parental care and hatching behaviors in clownfish. I have participated in two semesters and a summer of UROP funded research and will soon be working on incorporating my research into my honors thesis. After graduating, I hope to continue my education and fulfill my passion for science and marine life through a Biology Masters or PhD program.

Research Project

Pacaro, M. Nocturnal parental care and the role of parents in hatching in the clown anemonefish.

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