Arianna Medina

Class of 2013

  • Title Class of 2013

Arianna is from Danvers and she majored in Biology at BU.  She spent two and a half years in the Buston Lab as a volunteer, UROP and SURF student. While in the lab, Arianna completed a project investigating the effect social context on the expression of personality traits in clownfish. Arianna graduated from BU in May 2013 and went on to do a joint JD / Masters of Environmental Management at Duke University.

Research Project

Medina, A. 2013. Plasticity in personality traits in response to changes in social context in the clown anemonefish.

Lab Publications

Wong, M. Y. L. P, Medina, A. U, Uppaluri, C. U, Arnold, S. U, Seymour, J. M, & Buston, P. M. (2013) Consistent behavioral traits and behavioral syndromes in pairs of the false clown anemonefish. Journal of Fish Biology 83: 207-213.

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