Alissa Rickborn

MA Student (2011 – 2014)

  • Title MA Student
    (2011 – 2014)
  • Office 3
  • Education BA, University of Arizona

Originally from Arizona, Alissa graduated with a degree in Biology from Arizona State University in 2010. After graduation, she fostered her love for marine science by working as a PADI SCUBA Instructor in Honduras and Spain. In the Buston and Kaufman Labs at BU, she conducted research on the population ecology of the neon goby Elacatinus lori and its host sponges. Alissa graduated from BU in August 2014 and went on to work toward her Ph.D. in the lab of Bruce Menge at Oregon State University.

Lab Publications

Rickborn, A. J. M & Buston, P. M. (2015) Life history transitions of the coral reef fish Elacatinus lori. Journal of Fish Biology 86: 637-650.

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