Tag: Ft. Devens Cohort

Impact of Neurotoxicant Exposures on PTSD Trajectories

Using longitudinally collected data from the Ft. Devens Cohort, this project look at the associations of neurotoxicant exposures and PTSD symptom trajectories. Findings indicate that the compounded impact of both traumatic experiences and neurotoxicant exposure increased the severity and likelihood of PTSD symptoms in the years following deployment. 

Sex-Specific Differences in Plasma Lipid Profiles are Associated with GWI

Prior research indicates that chemical exposures from the Gulf War impact lipid homeostasis, as well as contribute to inflammatory and metabolic dysfunction. Having seen lipid sex-specific differences in animal models, researchers sought to examine human plasma lipids. Distinct differences were found in the lipid profiles of males versus females with GWI.