Sudha Arunachalam
Jonathan Barnes
Charles B. Chang (director)
Daniel Erker

Current Students

Megan Brown (BU GRS ’18 – MA Applied Linguistics)
Kun Cao (BU ENG ’18)
I Lei (Vicky) Chan (BU GRS ’17 – MA Applied Linguistics)
Malav Dave (BU SAR ’20)
Brenden Layte (BU GRS ’17 – MA Applied Linguistics)
Jimmy Sbordone (BU CAS ’18)
Kathryn Turner (BU CAS ’17)

Former Students and Interns

Darby Douros (U. of Chicago ’19)
Emily Fisher (Georgetown ’21)
Solveig Olson-Strom (Pomona ’18)
Dallas Walter (BU CAS ’16)

Visiting Researchers

Sungmi Kwon (Pukyong National University, AY 2016-17)


Sunyoung Ahn, Harvard University
Anita Bowles, Rosetta Stone
Robert DeKeyser, University of Maryland
Simon Fischer-Baum, Rice University
Erin Haynes, American Institutes for Research
Ewa Golonka, University of Maryland
Sam Green, University College London
Hae-Sung Jeon, University of Central Lancashire
Valerie Karuzis, University of Maryland
Shira Katseff (now Hahn), GN ReSound
Sue Ann Lee, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Sunyoung Lee-Ellis, Foreign Service Institute, U.S. Department of State
Russell Lee-Goldman, Google
Andrew Nevins, University College London
Marta Piqueras-Brunet, Google
Russell Rhodes (now Rhomieux), Chartboost
Kevin Tang, Yale University
Medha Tare, University of Maryland
Karen Vatz, University of Vermont
Daniel Wall, Rutgers University
Yao Yao, Hong Kong Polytechnic University