Participate in a study!

Our studies take place in Room 117 of 617 Commonwealth Avenue on Boston University’s Charles River Campus. Participation in a study typically consists of filling out a background questionnaire and completing language tasks that involve speaking into a microphone and/or listening to audio recordings over headphones.

Current studies recruiting participants are listed below.

Asian Americans in Boston Project (ongoing)

We are currently recruiting English speakers with ancestry in parts of Asia to participate in a linguistic study of Asian Americans in Boston. You are eligible to participate if you:

  1. are a proficient speaker of English (you do not have to be a native speaker as long as you are capable of interviewing in English)
  2. are currently living in Boston, and
  3. identify as Chinese (American), Filipino (American), Korean (American), or Vietnamese (American).

Participation in the study takes 90-120 minutes (including an oral interview and other speaking tasks) and is compensated with a $45 Amazon gift card.

For more information or to enroll in the study, please send us an email.