Welcome to new labbies!

By in Students
September 8th, 2017

Welcome to the five students who will be joining the lab this semester to work on various research projects:

  • Hye Youn Jo is a second-year graduate student in the TESOL EdM program (SED). Her interests are in phonology, psycholinguistics, second language acquisition, and bilingualism.
  • William Longerbeam is a senior majoring in Linguistics. His interests are in phonology.
  • Dominique Lopiccolo is a second-year graduate student in the Applied Linguistics MA program. Her interests are in second language acquisition, bilingualism, acquisition of phonology, and the cognitive interface between music and speech-language processing.
  • Benjamin Wong is a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering (ENG). He is interested in learning more about acoustics.
  • Qian Yu is a freshman majoring in Linguistics. She is interested in bilingualism, acquisition, and phonetic variation.