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New Gastronomy and Food Studies Students, Spring 2021

We look forward to welcoming a wonderful group of new students into our programs this spring. Enjoy getting to know a few of them here. Like any good story, it started with a love of bagels. It might have been the New York in her blood, but Emily Bowers left the city circa. 1997 and […]

Course Spotlight: Culture and Cuisine of the African Diaspora

An invitation from Corinne DaCosta, Professor for Culture and Cuisine of the African Diaspora: Hello, As I think about the world today, yesterday, and the tomorrows that are in the future; the cycles, connections, and continuances are what captivate my attention. Our mental muscles are searching for and connecting the dots that were left by […]

Pépin Lecture Series, Recipes and Remembrances of Fair Dillard

Friday, November 20 at 12 pm, register here Our second Pepin Lecture for the semester will feature Zella Palmer, chair and director of the Dillard University Ray Charles Program in African-American Material Culture, speaking on her book Recipes and Remembrances of Fair Dillard. The book is a compilation of research and recipes related to Dillard University, one […]